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By Raymond Hickey

The Sound constitution of recent Irish comprises crucial information regarding the phonology of recent Irish in addition to many analyses of normal linguistic matters. an enormous concentration of the ebook is on a typological comparability among Irish and several other languages that have functionalised such phenomena as palatalisation and/or preliminary mutation.

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G. Breandán /b"r"aunð/d<:nð/ (first name). Dialects of Irish today 23 (iii) In Corca Dhuibhne (Co. g. (go) mall [mauX] ‘slow’. g. ceann [k"vnK] ‘head’ (Northern Irish). g. cat [kvt] ‘cat’. 3) Long vowels and diphthongs deriving from vocalised fricatives In the history of Irish intervocalic voiced stops have been largely lost.. e. gh, dh became /J/ and bh, mh became /v/ (Ó Maolalaigh 2006: 41-44). The voiced fricatives were then absorbed into the vowels which preceded them, that is they migrated from the coda of the syllable to its nucleus.

Gh, dh became /J/ and bh, mh became /v/ (Ó Maolalaigh 2006: 41-44). The voiced fricatives were then absorbed into the vowels which preceded them, that is they migrated from the coda of the syllable to its nucleus. This caused a lengthening of the syllable vowel because a short vowel plus a vocalised consonant led to a long vocalic element, thus maintaining the overall length of the syllable rhyme (nucleus and coda). The phonetic result could have been either a long vowel or a diphthong. The latter usually arose where the original fricatives were preceded by a low vowel.

S. Ó Máille (1974), Wigger (1996, 2004). Iorras Aithneach, West Co. Galway Ó Curnáin (2007), M. Ó Murchú (1989b), Wagner and McGonagle (1995) Sraith Salach, North Co. Galway Nilsen (1975) An Lionán, North Co. Galway de Búrca (1966) Co. Mayo The areas of North Co. Galway and South Co. Mayo were formerly contiguous from the region known as Dúiche Sheoigheoch ‘Joyce Country’ up the east coast of Lough Mask to Tourmakeady Co. Mayo and beyond. This is no longer the case and the entire region is English-speaking interspersed with some Irish speakers.

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