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By Harry Bateman; Arthur Erdélyi; Bateman Manuscript Project.; United States. Office of Naval Research (ed.)

Vol. 1. The gamma functionality -- The hypergeometric functionality -- Legendre services -- The generalized hypergeometric sequence -- extra generalizations of the hypergeometric functionality -- The confluent hypergeometric functionality -- vol. 2. Bessel features -- features of the parabolic cylinder and of the paraboloid of revolution -- the unfinished gamma capabilities and comparable capabilities -- Orthogonal polynomials -- round and hyperspherical harmonic polynomials -- Orthogonal polynomials in numerous variables -- Elliptic features and integrals -- vol. three. Automorphic services -- Lamé services -- Mathieu capabilities, spheroidal and ellipsoidal wave capabilities -- creation to the services of quantity concept -- Miscellaneous capabilities -- producing services

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MORTON • Division of Immunology, Department of Medicine, University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, Portland, Oregon 97201. 25 26 BENJAMIN V. SIEGEL ET AL. , 1974), and the role of protein synthesis in TSL requires further study. The levels of cAMP and cGMP, and perhaps the ratio of these second messengers, have been implicated in the regulation of TSL. Henney and lichtenstein (1971) first observed an inverse relationship between cAMP levels and TSL, an effect confirmed by other investigators (Gelfand and Kardish, 1978).

Clin. Invest. 49:2086. Harris, J. , Olsen, G. , Castle, J. R, and Maloney, A. , 1975, Comparison of proteolytic enzyme activity in pulmonary alveolar macro phages and blood leukocytes in smokers and nonsmokers, Am. Rev. Respir. Dis. 111:579. Heise, E. , Myrvik, Q. , and Leake, E. , 1965, Effect of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin on the levels of acid phosphatase, lysozyme, and cathepsin in rabbit alveolar macrophages, f. Immunol. 95:125. Hemler, M. , Cook, H. , and Lands, W. E. , 1979, Prostaglandin biosynthesis can be triggered by lipid peroxides, Arch.

Clin. Med. 82:349. Kilroe-Smith, T. , Drimmelen, M. , 1973, An insoluble fibrogenic factor in macrophages from guinea pigs exposed to silica, Environ. Res. 6:298. THE RES AND TISSUE INJURY Krupp, M. l, 1977, Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment, Lange Medical Publications, Los Altos, Calif. , and Black, L. , 1974, Alpa-l-antitrypsin and its deficiency, Am. Rev. Respir. Dis. 110:176. Kurland, H. , Broxmeyer, H. , Pelus, L. , Bockman, R. , and Moore, M. A. , 1978, Role for monocyte-macrophage derived colony stimulating factor and prostaglandin E in the positive and negative feedback control of myeloid stem cell proliferation, Blood 52:388.

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