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Sings Mary Paul chante bien. I il Paul sings In both pronoun singular well. ) 3. a singular commonnoun La title chante bien. ) L'oiseau chante bien. ))) bien. Nous chantons We 39) CONJUGATION? IS A VERB WHAT well. sing moi chantons bien. Paul et Marie, I I I nous) sentence, the by the pronoun last this In sing well. and I Paul Mary, replaced nous fonn of the PLURAL PERSON 2ND form\") 1. ) is used the Dupont, sing you form\" \"they things, persons, vous chantez bien. well. of the or ideas of the action.

Chantent Paul I I I ils Paul sing and Mary La tille et Iegar\037on I well. bien. chantent I I ils The 3. a and the girl boy sing well. noun. plural Les rilles bien. ) Verb Form Let at again attention look us special paying of the verb chanter the conjugation each to the verb forms. However, one belong to the same person thereis only the 3rd person singularhas two pronouns, have the sameverb chante tu chantes) iI verb il and form. two six of the pronouns For instance, elle, but they both chante.

Two six of the pronouns For instance, elle, but they both chante. form: je when (to sing), chante) }) elle nous) chantons vous chantez) ils chantent))) elles } TheFrench is composed 1. , p. ) which is found infinitive (see WHAT Infinitive Stem chanter chant finir fin- vendre) vend-) In regular IS A VERB CONJUGATION? 41) - verbs the stem rarely a conjugation. throughout changes for each endlng,\"laterminaison\"in French,which changes in the of and verbs. ) 2. The Regular verbs are divided based on the infinitive Eachof verb three pattern like verbs verb -+ 1st aiIner) 2.

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