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Yes, you get billed for phone calls. 2, two units of six minutes. As each docket is filled out, the lawyer writes down what service was rendered. —Jan. 1 The lawyer accumulates these dockets usually in the office computer system. When it is time to render an account, a touch of a button yields a full chronological list of all services rendered and a breakdown of time. The account will also total the time and multiply it by the lawyer’s hourly rate. Once any disbursements and GST are added, you have a full account.

Judges This job continues to hold great mystique for the Canadian public. It is admittedly a powerful position that gives this handful of men and women control over our property, our children and, in some cases, our liberty. Judges are appointed to their position by either federal or provincial government. It is a job for life and can pay quite well compared with other jobs ($200,000+), and includes a pension and other benefits. They are free from political interference and cannot be fired or removed from the bench except in the most limited circumstances.

The reporters can produce (overnight if necessary) a transcript of the proceedings. This transcript is used to prove what was said by whom and can be used for example on an appeal. Often it is used to impeach a witness. This means to challenge his or her present statement by showing the person the transcript of what they said on a previous occasion under oath. ” Most witnesses seem to forget about the court reporters as they go about their invisible work. Lawyers (My Friend . . ” For example, the lawyer may say, “Your Honour, my friend’s point is well taken; however, he neglected to mention that such .

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