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By Gábor Szabó

Merchandise reaction concept, notwithstanding it has develop into a widely known software in language trying out examine, continues to be now not used usually in useful language review tasks. This publication intends to supply a theoretical evaluation in addition to to provide functional counsel about the software of IRT in merchandise financial institution development in a language checking out context by means of providing a selected venture in the next schooling environment.

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Since it is impossible to know whether guessing occurred at all, such a result seems clearly unacceptable. Along the same lines, Alderson et al. (1995:149) caution that using the correction formula "... " The third problem concerns using observed raw scores in general to indicate levels of ability. The main problem is identified by Thorndike and Hagen in that though the scales used in educational measurement tend to seem like interval scales, they are, in fact, ordinal scales as there seems to be no way to prove the equality of the units on the scale (1977:15).

Past studies purporting to support the Rasch model are shown to be irrelevant, or to yield the conclusion that the Rasch model did not fit the data" (1986:283) and concludes that "...

G. Linacre and Wright 1992). At this point it is worth discussing whether the fact that the Rasch model does not include the item discrimination and the pseudo-chance level parameters has a significant impact on person ability and item difficulty estimates. As McNamara (1996) points out, though the model does not have a discrimination parameter, item fit statistics can be used effectively to identify poorly discriminating items (169-179; 260). Also, the one-parameter model has been shown not to distort estimation figures even when guessing is known to occur (McNamara 1996:260).

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