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A useful and trustworthy resource, ""The APA Concise Dictionary of Psychology"" solutions the wishes of the ever-increasing variety of considerate readers from all walks of lifestyles who're attracted to the ways in which mental technological know-how and information solid gentle at the problems with daily living.This abridged model of the landmark, significantly acclaimed ""APA Dictionary of Psychology"" continues the entire top positive factors of the father or mother dictionary, together with 10,000 entries delivering transparent and authoritative definitions - together with many revised and up-to-date from the mum or dad dictionary; balanced insurance of over ninety subareas around the box of psychology - together with scientific, experimental, neuropsychology, cognitive, character, social, developmental, wellbeing and fitness, study method, etc; and, millions of incisive cross-references that deepen the user's realizing of comparable themes. this can be a fast consultant to take advantage of that explains stylistic and formal good points at a look. It comprises appendixes directory significant figures within the heritage of psychology and mental treatments and methods.

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Compare CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE; tomically correct genitalia that is used during an PRACTICAL INTELLIGENCE. interview with a child to help a professional decide whether the child has been sexually abused. analytical psychotherapy 1. a short-term Also called anatomically correct doll. method of psychotherapy using psychoanalytic principles but with less depth of analysis, more a n c h o r «. a reference point used when making a active intervention on the part of the therapist, series of subjective judgments.

One alternate form is administered to one group of participants, another is administered to a different group, and the items comprising the anchor test are administered to both groups. Scores on each alternate form are then compared with scores on the anchor test. a n e s t h e s i a (anaesthesia) n. the loss of sensitivity to stimuli, either in a particular area (local) or throughout the body and accompanied by loss of consciousness (general). It may be produced intentionally, for example via the administration of drugs (called anesthetics) or the use of techniques such as ACUPUNCTURE or hypnotic suggestion, or it may occur spontaneously as a result of injury or disease.

1. the property of a behavior, behavior pattern, or situation that might lead to inteipretation in more than one way. 2. in linguistics, the property of a word, phrase, or sentence that has more than one possible meaning. Ambiguity in a phrase or sentence may be lexical, as in The students are revolting, or structural, as in black cats and dogs; often there is a combination of both factors. In PSYCHOLINGUISTics, the main area of interest has been the process used to interpret sentences whose SURFACE STRUCTURE could reflect two quite different DEEP STRUCTURES, as in the instruction Before opening tin, stand in boiling water for ten minutes.

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