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By Yukiaki Kuroda (auth.), Yukiaki Kuroda, Delbert M. Shankel, Michael D. Waters (eds.)

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The papers are prepared in 8 sections, addressing: antimutagens in meals; antimutagens and anticarcinogens in environmental toxicology; unfastened radicals; antitumor initiators; antitumor promoters; facets of mammalian and human genetics; molecular points of mutagenesis and antimutageneis; and oncogenes and antioncogenes.
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12. Effect of post-treatment with vanillin on MMC-induced SCEs in Chinese hamster CHO cells (34). 19 ANTIMUTAGENESIS STUDIES IN JAPAN 50 ~ 40 • .!! 0 Tannic acid Fig. 13. 3 Cro/mJ) Suppressing effect of tannic acid on UV-induced chromosome aberrations in cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells (36). induced by EMS in V79 cells (16). In the presence of vitamin C, EMSinduced mutations were reduced to one-third to one-quarter. Dehydrovitamin C and iso-vitamin C also decreased the EMS-induced mutations by one-half to one-third.

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