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By Dallas, Sue E.; Jewell, Emily

The ideal research spouse, ''Animal Biology and Care, third Edition'' is particularly designed for college kids on animal care, animal nursing assistant and veterinary care assistant classes. This version is totally up to date with new direction content material, a refreshed layout and color illustrations all through. easy organic thought is brought with diagrams for visible newbies whereas images exhibit the typical functional tactics conducted by way of animal care assistants.

Key positive factors contain: New content material on unique species, recognising the expanding variety of those animals saved as pets. wide insurance of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and up to date advances in animal welfare. Written based on path curricula, bankruptcy summaries assist you to recollect key issues and studying ambitions. A spouse web site has interactive MCQs that will help you try your wisdom.

Divided into 3 major sections protecting animal technological know-how and genetics, overall healthiness and husbandry and nursing tactics, this booklet may also help lay the rules for a profitable profession in animal care and administration!

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The large intestines This section of intestines is a wider tube and contains no villi. Food materials which are of no value or cannot be broken down to absorbable size are passed from the small to the large intestine through the ileocaecal valve. The large intestine in the dog and cat is relatively short in length. Its main purpose is to absorb salt and water. The walls of the colon (large intestine) are much folded for this purpose. By the time the Body Systems and Functions 49 materials reach the rectum, indigestible food is in a semisolid condition ready to be voided through the anus as faeces.

It is a blind-ended sac which has no function in carnivores but is enlarged in herbivores as a site of bacterial breakdown of vegetable food matter. The colon is divided into three sections: • • • Ascending Transverse Descending The colon terminates in the rectum area, where waste products are held before excretion as faecal material. The last part of the tract is closed by sphincter muscles and is known as the anal canal, over which the animal has control via skeletal muscle (voluntary muscle).

Simple sugars (mainly glucose) and amino acids are absorbed, by a combination of diffusion and active transport, across the epithelial lining of the villi into the waiting capillaries beneath. These capillaries drain into the hepatic portal vein which leads to the liver. Fat is dealt with differently. The fatty acids and glycerol are absorbed into the columnar epithelial cells lining the villi and are pushed into the lymph vessels of the villi as a white emulsion of tiny globules of fat. These globules give the lymph vessels a milky appearance, for which they are known as lacteals.

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