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By A. Hughes, S. H. Hasan, G. W. Oertel, H. E. Voss, F. Bahner, F. Neumann, H. Steinbeck, K.-J. Gräf, J. Brotherton, H. J. Horn, R. K. Wagner

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The steps required for the analysis of blood samples for hormone determination by radioimmunoassay are the, same as those described earlier for competitive protein-binding methods (Fig. 2). 9. 1 ml buffer for correction of losses during extraction and purification. Freshly redistilled ether, in volumes of 4-10 ml according to the volume of samples used, is allowed to mix with the sample on vortex mixer for 30 sec. The mixture is then centrifuged at 1500 X g for 3 min and the supernatant is decanted into small scintillation vials.

There are also reports that some animals in a group receiving identical treatment have produced no antibodies at all. It is therefore necessary not only to check the titer of all the animals but also to check the titer at each bleeding. The concentration of antibody is very critical. If the antibody concentration is too high there will be little displacement, so that the method will be insensitive. If the concentration is very low, precision will be lowered because there will be a reduced number of counts displaced for each unit of unlabelled hormone added.

GOLDSTEIN, J. : Evidence for increased cytoplasmic androgen binding in the submandibular gland of the mouse with testicular feminization. J. bioI. Chem. 247, 73427348 (1972). : The conversion of testosterone to 5a-androstan-17ft-ol-3-one (dihydrotestosterone) by skin slices of man. J. clin. Invest. 48,371-379 (1969). : The in vitro metabolism of testosterone by human skin. J. invest. Derm. 26, 113-120 (1965). : Mechanism of androgen action on the uterus: influence on the RNA biosynthesis and relationship to the estrogen action.

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