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By Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case (1884-1954) used to be the most revered of the yank occultists within the early twentieth century. ''An advent to the learn of Tarot'' was once initially released in 1920 and has been a number one introductory advisor for all with an curiosity within the Tarot.

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Justice, therefore, is a deduction from the Wheel of Fortune. She symbolizes the practical application of 33 the law of action and reaction implied in the doctrine of cycles. In a sense she typifies the Law of Karma, since the primitive meaning of Karma is “Action”; and in this connection it should be observed that the Sepher Yetzirah attributes Work, or Action, to Lamed, her correspondence in the Hebrew alphabet. Lamed is the “ox-goad,” symbolizing the means whereby the “Ox” (Aleph, the Fool), is guided and directed.

He is one form of the Egyptian god Thoth, or Mercury, whom we have identified with the Magician. As represented here, he denotes the evolving Spirit, before it is liberated, hence he has a human body and a dog’s head. This represents the human organism subordinated to the desire nature; but at the same time, by an analogy derived from the dog’s keen scent, and his faithfulness, suggests that within the desire nature are the potencies that make for liberation. At the top of the wheel is a Sphinx, the synthesis of the four living creatures at the corners of the picture.

Happy is he who can apprehend it, and happier he who has courage and patience to apply it! 30 Introduction to the Study of Tarot CHAPTER VIII To begin his study of the triad of trumps bearing thc numbers 9, 10, and 11, let the student add the ninth and tenth cards to the tableau given in preceding chapters, thus: 0 1 3 5 2 4 6 8 7 9 10 This completes the Tree of the Sephiroth. The number 9 is Yesod, the Foundation, and 10 is Malkuth, the Kingdom. ” This doctrine is implied by the title and symbolism of the ninth trump, which also corresponds to Yod in the Hebrew alphabet.

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