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I had been involuntarily admitted to the psychtriatic ward in the Mercy hospital. This was very difficult because I did not think I was crazy, just misunderstood. I tried to reason with the doctors and nurses; I tried to let them know that I was fine and just needed to sleep some. I will spare you as a reader some of the details but getting strapped to a bed for injections was not my idea as summer vacation. I had been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. I did not know what that meant when they told me.

Please allow your mind to understand my journey and I only hope that it will inspire you to find answers within your life. This is my own personal story that takes place at a moment in life when I believed I was quickly moving to the best part of my life mentally, financially and spiritually. I believed that I had truly reached close to my full potential and that God had filled my life with blessings. It was April of 2004 and I had been married for a year and a half to my wife Kim and had a beautiful baby daughter Ella.

We all have personal struggles like the one Jeff has shared and believe me that I will heal you of these afflictions if you only and truly believe in my son Jesus Christ. He is your savior and I sent him to the earth to die for your sins and give you everlasting life. It is through my grace that you too can have an eternal life in the blessed place of heaven. If you have never chosen Jesus to be your personal savior then please say this prayer. “Jesus Christ, you died for my sins so that I may have salvation and eternal life.

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