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His rugged features, taut and intense, focused solely on her. His expression made her feel as though they were the only two people in the world, as though she was the only person in his world. The noise of tipsy auction attendees dulled and the music blurred into a steady, rhythmic thrumming that matched the tempo of her pulse. Ethan slid his hard arm lower against her waist and hitched her up onto her toes, eliciting a jolt of pleasure when her groin aligned intimately with his. His other hand lifted hers, gentle despite the implacable hardness in his eyes, and he slowly, expertly guided her into a tight circle.

She insisted, thinking of their earlier friendship, the easy way they’d loved each other. She’d been happy then. They both had been, and she still grieved the aching loss of that effortless joy. ” She’d given up everything, everything, so that he could have a future. He stared at her in silence, unmoving except for the flexing of his jaw. “Happiness is overrated,” he finally said. “You can’t mean that,” she whispered. She’d sacrificed too much, lost too much, and she wouldn’t survive if she believed it had all been for nothing.

I see you haven’t changed a thing,” Ethan said after she’d flipped on a muted lamp and moved to place the cash box on the wide, polished surface of her father’s desk. ” Mr. Carrington’s taste, as robust and pompous as that of any seasoned purveyor of horseflesh, had left a stamp of ownership his mere death could not eclipse. Deep burgundies and greens, accented by a backdrop of Harvard plaid, dominated the space as surely as if its previous owner still lived and breathed in the oppressive office.

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