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By Florez G., Bridges S.M., Vaughn R.B.

Now we have been utilizing fuzzy information mining concepts to extract styles that signify basic habit for intrusion detection. during this paper we describe a number of alterations that we've got made to the information mining algorithms for you to increase accuracy and potency. We use units of fuzzy organization ideas which are mined from community audit facts as versions of "normal habit. To become aware of anomalous habit, wegenerate fuzzy organization principles from new audit information and compute the similarity with units mined from "normal" facts. If the similarity values are under a threshold worth, an alarm isissued. during this paper we describe an set of rules for computing fuzzy organization principles in keeping with Borgelt's prefix bushes, differences to the computation of help and self belief offuzzy ideas, a brand new strategy for computing the similarity of 2 fuzzy rule units, and have choice and optimization with genetic algorithms. Experimental effects display that we will in attaining greater operating time and accuracy with those alterations.

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