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By Morris Halle and Jean-Roger Vergnaud

An Essay on tension provides a common conception for the characterization of the strain styles of phrases and words encountered within the languages of the international. the guts of the idea is constituted through the formal mechanism for characterizing "action at a distance", that is a different case of the formalism wanted for the development of constituent structure.Morris Halle is Institute Professor at MIT. Jean-Roger Vergnaud is Professor of Linguistics on the collage of Maryland and Senior Researcher on the Centre nationwide de los angeles Recherche Scientifique and the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche en Informatique Linguistique in France.

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17 18), of which different versions are in wide use among writers on phonetic topics. Since each diacritic mark must be defined in a separate statement, no treatise can include more than a fixed number of such statements. Hence, the use of diacritics implies that there must be an upper bound on the number of stresses to be distinguished. But, as we have just seen, the facts do not permit us to limit the degrees of stress to be distinguished to any fixed number. Hence, the diacritic notation must be rejected as being inadequate in principle.

In the latter case the constituent is not preserved but instead is eliminated by the Faithfulness Condition (33). < previous page page_29 next page > < previous page page_30 next page > Page 30 from line 0. 13 These facts provide support for the assumption that has been fundamental to the approach outlined here, that stress patterns are a by-product of metrical constituent structure. The data in (58) and (59) show that, as postulated by our theory, there is a definite link between a head and the immediately adjacent nonhead element on one of its sides.

In Garawa (see (25f)) stress falls on even-numbered syllables counting from the end of the word, with the important exception that stress never falls on the second syllable. As illustrated in (39), the essentials of this type of pattern are readily captured with the help of left-headed binary constituents constructed from right to left, except for the fact that, in the case of words with an odd number of syllables, this construction will invariably assign stress to the second syllable. (39) Our problem, then, is to eliminate the stress on the second syllable of such words.

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