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By T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.)

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Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Carollia castanea 2n=22 Volume 7, Folio 307, 1973 Order: CHIROPTERA Family: PHYLLOSTOMIDAE Carollia castanea 2n=22 AUTOSOMES: 18 Metacentrics and submetacentrics 2 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Submetacentric Y Minute The karyotypes of C. castanea are of two types, one presented here and the other, similar to those of £. perspicillata (Folio 105). The major difference is the X-autosome is translocated to the X chromosome but the homolog is not translocated to the Y, the diploid number of the female becomes 20 and that of the male, 21.

I. M. de: Short term culture of guinea pig peripheral blood for chromosomal analysis. Mammalian Chromosomes Newsletter ~:94, 1971. J. : Satellite DNA in constitutive heterochromatin of the guinea pig. Science 168:263, 1970. CARNIVORA Vol. F. : Chromosomal abnormality in a phenotypically and clinically normal dog. Cytogenetics 10:254, 1971. CARNIVORA Vol. : Chromosome studies of Mustela putorius in tissue culture. Hereditas 70:59, 1972. CARNIVORA Vol. M. : The somatic chromosomes of the small Indian mongoose: Autoradiographic analysis of an unbalanced translocation heterozygote.

A new type of intrasubspecific chromosome polymorphism in Rattus rattus brunneusulus (Hodgson), collected from Nepal. Mammalian Chromosomes Newsletter 11:92, 1971. 28) Sharma, T. : Chromosomes of a few species of rodents of Indian subcontinent. Mammalian Chromosomes Newsletter 11:112, 1971. RODENTIA Vol. N. : The comparative karyology of the highest gerbils (Genera Meriones and Rhombomys; Gerbillinae, Rodentia). In The Mammals. Evolution, Karyology, Taxonomy, Fauna. N. Vorontsov, ed. Acad. Sci.

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