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By A. K. Szakal, Z. F. Kapasi, S. T. Haley (auth.), Marie H. Kosco-Vilbois (eds.)

Follicular dendritic cells (FOe) are certain between cells of the immune approach. whereas their morphological features re­ sulted of their inclusion as a 'dendritic mobilephone type', tt1ey fluctuate really considerably from the opposite participants of the dendritic mobile kin. unlike T-cell-associated dendritic cells or the Langerhans cells present in the surface, FOe stay in hugely geared up B mobile follicles inside secondary lymphoid tissues. This website of resi­ dence supplied a nomenclature committee in 1982 with the second one descriptive issue for the derivation in their identify. The cardinal function of FOe is to catch and keep antigen at the floor in their dendritic procedures for prolonged quantities of time and it really is this option that offers the conceptual compo­ nent for the name of this e-book. in accordance with an antigenic problem, fundamental B mobile follicles endure dynamic occasions, giving upward push to germinal facilities that are linked to activation, growth, and differentiation strategies of B cells. The interactions of B cells with Foe and T cells within the germinal facilities are crucial for producing the total repertoire of antibody isotypes received in the course of an antibody reaction. furthermore, stimuli both initiated or major­ tained through the germinal middle reponse ends up in construction of excessive affinity antibodies throughout the strategies of somatic muta­ tion and clonal choice. during this context, FOe act as a pivotal resource of antigen. They collect international proteins (e. g.

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Virgin IgM+ IgD+ cells can populate germinal centers (ROZING et al. 1978; ENRIQUEZ-RINCON et al. 1984; BAZIN et al. 1985). B cells fractionated into IgD+ and IgD- populations gave rise, in each case, to germinal center precursors (SEIJEN et al. 1988; VON DER HEIDE and HUNT 1990). LINTON et al. (1991) suggest that these precursors may reside in the J 11 Dpoor population. J11 D (CD24) appears as a cell adhesion molecule expressed on immature Band T cells (KADMON et al. 1992). According to TSIAGBE et al.

Gastroenterol Clin North Am 20: 397-439 Braun M, Heinen E, Cormann N, Kinet-Denoel C, Simar LJ (1987) Influence of immunoglobulin isotypes and lymphoid cell phenotype on the transfer of immune complexes toFDC. Cell Immunol 107: 99-106 Brown JC, Harris G, Papamichail M, Slivjie VS, Holborow EJ (1973) The localization of aggregated human gammaglobulin in the spleen of normal mice. Immunology 24: 955-968 Butch AW, Chung GH, Hoffman JW, Nahm MH (1993) Cytokine expression by germinal center cells. J Immunol150: 39-47 Butcher EC, Rouse RV, Coffman RL, Nottenbourg CN, Hardy RR, Weissman IC (1982) Surface phenotype of Peyer's patch germinal center cells: implications for the role of germinal centers in B cell differentiation.

1, Culture medium without mitogens; 2, phytohemagglutinin (PHA); 3, PHA and interleukin IL-2; 4, concanavalin A (ConA); 5, ConA and IL-2. Under all experimental conditions, C057-T cells proliferated better than C057' T cells. cpm, counts per minute 1994) . , to be published). In adhesion tests, they attach to the surfaces of FOC clusters as readily as B cells do. Since these cells do not function like classical T cells and since they are located in the light zone where centrocytes are present, we speculate that they play a role in the deactivation process through which centroblasts become centrocytes and the latter become small, recirculating, B memory cells.

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