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However, if you want to do readings of a high quality, it’s best to first become acquainted with the meanings of the card deck as a whole. Clearly, your proficiency in using the Tarot will be a direct result of the amount of time and effort you put into studying and doing your own interpretations. You can combine short periods of regular practice with less frequent, longer practice sessions. Whichever method you choose, as you study the cards and begin to use them regularly, you will gain a gratifying appreciation of this wonderful wisdom source and what it is able to reveal about the human psyche.

The waters she pours are the very Waters of Life, some of which are being returned to the Source, some of which are being used to give new life to the land. When the Star appears in your teen reading, it is a most happy card and usually a clue that your own star is on the rise, often after a period of difficulty that you have successfully overcome. Trump XVIII—The Moon The Moon can be a confusing card for those who don’t fully understand the symbolism of the Moon. While it is true that we don’t see as much by the light of the Moon as we do by the light of the Sun, we see differently by the Moon’s lovely light.

You can use one of the four elements for a clearing ritual, or you can invent your own ritual. As with blessing, this can be simple or elaborate. I use a simple method: I concentrate on clearing the cards as I slowly turn each one over onto the next through the entire deck. You will develop your own procedure. The idea is to put the vibrations of the moment into the cards, and clear them afterward. The important thing is not the actual ritual or method you use, but your intention to clear the cards.

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