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Книга рассчитана на все группы пользователей, так как описывает базовые принципы английской грамматики. В книге в простой форме описываются все базовые правила языка, кроме того для всех грамматическим терминов даны пояснения и описания так, что даже новичку будет несложно разобраться в правилах языка. Дополнительным плюсом является использование общераспространенных тем, которые обычно не встречаются в других книгах: как извиниться или поблагодарить в той или иной ситуации, какие существуют нюансы.

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Lots of people attempt to stay away from studying swear phrases in different languages. i do not comprehend why. those phrases are a part of the language, and also you should not keep away from them simply because they make you are feeling undesirable. Barry Farber and A. G. Hawke say of their books that you just shoud steer clear of studying profanity in different languages. I say you want to so long as you keep away from announcing them.

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2 drunkard, drunk, dipsomaniac, sot, toper, drinker, winebibber, serious or problem drinker, tippler, Colloq barfly, soak, Slang boozer, alchy or alkie or alky, dipso, stew, rummy, US and Canadian lush, booze-hound, wino: The community runs a centre for rehabilitating alcoholics. alert adj. 1 awake, wide awake, watchful, vigilant, attentive, heedful, wary, cautious, on the qui vive, aware, on guard, on the lookout, observant, Colloq on the ball, on one's toes: The sentinels must remain alert throughout the night.

Adapt v. 1 suit, fit, make suitable, qualify: The structure of the outer ear is adapted to collect and concentrate the vibrations. 2 alter, modify, change, remodel, tailor, reshape, shape, fashion; adjust, accommodate, accustom, acclimatize or acclimate, habituate: He adapted the play from an old French comedy. The whale adapts itself to great changes in pressure when it dives thousands of feet. adaptable adj. flexible, pliable, pliant, compliant, accommodative, tractable, malleable, ductile, versatile; alterable, changeable: Men, in general, are not as adaptable as women.

Agreeable adj. 1 pleasing, pleasant, enjoyable, pleasurable, favourable, delightful, satisfying, satisfactory, good, nice, acceptable; to one's liking or taste: He found the Caribbean an agreeable place for a holiday. 2 in favour, approving, willing, consenting, acquiescent, complying, compliant, in agreement or accord, concurring, amenable, sympathetic, well-disposed; accommodating, accommodative: If Anne's agreeable, we can leave tomorrow. agreement n. 1 understanding, covenant, treaty, pact, accord, compact, settlement, concordat; contract, bargain, Colloq deal: They drew up a ten-year agreement to be signed at the summit in Geneva.

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