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By H. J. Bogen (auth.), Dr. med. Günther F. Bahr, Dr. Hans J. Bogen, Dr. Leo Brauner, Professor Dr. Erwin Bünning, Professor Dr. T. Caspersson, Professor Dr. phil. Runar Collander, Dr. H. B. Currier, Professor Dr. Horst Drawert, Professor Dr. Franz Duspiva,

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36, 1225 (1936). : Collected works. New York 1928; also: Trans. Conn. Acad. 3, 108 (1875); 6, 343 (1878). - GoLD- Literature. 21 ACRE, R. , and I. J. LORCH: Folding and unfolding of protein molecules in relation to cytoplasmic streaming. ) 166, 497 (1950). : Introduction to biochemistry. New York 1949. HARKINs, W. , E. C. DAVIES and G. L. CLARK: The orientation of molecules in surfaces. J. Amer. Chern. Soc. 39, 354,541 (1917). - HARKINS, W. , and H. K. LrvmGSTON: Energy relations of the surfaces of solids.

A theory of protoplasmic streaming. ) 86, 397 (1937). - Swelling and shrinking of protoplasm. Trans. Faraday Soc. B 42, 259 (1946). (a) Mechanism of protoplasmic movement. ) 171, 1136 (1953). - (b) Le mecanisme des mouvements protoplasmiques. Rev. Cytol. et BioI. veget. 14, 31 (1953). , and N. KAMIYA: Electrical response of a slime mold. ) 39, 333 (1950). : Quelques observations de bioelectricite cellulaire. J. of Physiol. 4/), 232 (1953). : Theorie der Narkose. Pflugers Arch. 1/)3, 276 (1913).

Tter, will be low. For example, wood may have only from 40 to 60 per cent (GIBBS 1935, HUCKENPAHLER 1936, MoDERMOTT 1941) and potato tubers about 78 per cent moisture (CHATFIELD and ADAMs 1940). Even with this low average moisture content, it must be remembered that the protoplasm of the living cells in these tissues would still be about 90 per cent water, if the cells are active. On the other hand, dormant tissues particularly those characteristics of seeds may have very low moisture contents ranging from 5 to 15 per cent.

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