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By F. Paul Wilson

A lot to the chagrin of his female friend, Gia, Repairman Jack doesn't take care of digital appliances--he fixes occasions for individuals, events that typically contain placing himself in lethal threat. His most up-to-date undertaking is recuperating a stolen necklace, which consists of with it an old curse which can unharness a horde of Bengali demons. Jack is used to probability, yet this time Gia's daughter Vicky is threatened. Can Jack conquer the curse of the yellow necklace and produce Vicky properly again domestic?

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The mechanism in the Flying Saucer Movement is very often that of the contactee going into some state of trance and channeling information from Space Beings. Because the trigger mechanism that the facets of the Other employ in making contact has something to do with the psychological state of the individual contactee, subjective elements invariably infuse mystic and paranormal experiences into the experience. Perhaps the most revealing “mythic” giveaway in UFO contactee cases, pointed out by such researchers as Michael Talbot (1953–1992), is the delivering of the Cosmic Gospel.

In appearance he was humanoid, but not strictly human. His eyes were twice the size of yours and mine, and set on the side of his head. Now, I want to be very clear about that—his eyes were huge—at least twice the size of a human’s and set on the side of his head, like a horse’s. His eyes were perhaps a little back behind where our own temples would be, or the front edges of our ears. If you’re familiar with the 1960s TV show Bonanza, I think of these two as Hoss and Little Joe. Of course, everyone should be aware that some people are born different.

I would have difficulty receiving his name correctly for several weeks. ” He explained that we had several lives together, the last one being in Atlantis. He said he had more lives on earth after that, just not with me. I would have another big surprise after we began communicating. I had always heard first public contact would be with people that looked just like us—probably the Pleiadians. So naturally I assumed since he would be coming to see us he would appear just like any earth human—more or less.

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