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By Richard B. Schwartz

Calling Samuel Johnson the best literary critic due to the fact Aristotle, Richard B. Schwartz assumes the point of view of that integral eighteenth-century guy of letters to envision the severe and theoretical literary advancements that received momentum within the Seventies and inspired the tradition wars of the Nineteen Eighties and 1990s.Schwartz speculates that Johnson—who respected difficult evidence, a large cultural base, and customary sense—would have exhibited scant endurance with the seriously educational techniques at the moment favorite within the learn of literature. He considers it possible that the warring parties within the early struggles of the tradition wars are wasting power and that, within the wake of Alvin Kernan’s statement of the demise of literature, new battlegrounds are constructing. paradoxically admiring the orchestration and staging of battles previous and new—"superb" he calls them—he characterizes the total cultural conflict as a "battle among straw males, rigorously developed via the fighters to maintain a trend of polarization which may be exploited to supply carrying on with expert advancement."In seven assorted essays, Schwartz demands either the large cultural imaginative and prescient and the sanity of a Samuel Johnson from those that make pronouncements approximately literature. working via and unifying those essays is the conviction that the cultural elite is obviously indifferent from existence: "Academics, fleeing in horror from whatever smacking of the bourgeois, provide us anything a long way worse: bland sameness awarded in elitist phrases within the identify of the poor." one other subject is that the either/or absolutism of a few of the opponents is "absurd on its face [and] belies the complexities of artwork, tradition, and humanity."Like Johnson, Schwartz could terminate the divorce among literature and existence, make allies of literature and feedback, and take away poetry from the province of the college and go back it to the area of readers. Texts may hold that means, embrace values, and feature a significant influence on lifestyles.

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No one has the final answers to the many questions that have become the occasion for battles or skirmishes within the culture wars. It is my hope that the addition of an individual perspective may serve to add further nuance to discussions in which positions have tended to harden and separate. The book might have been subtitled Some Postmortem Reflections. It does not pretend to argue a thesis from point a to point b. Rather, it attempts to examine separate issues with an eye on common themes. Chapters 1 and 4 focus in particular on the separations between writing and criticism.

Johnson is closer to us than we often recognize. One of my intentions is to make that proximity more apparent. To bridge the gap between the twentieth century and the eighteenth is, at first sight, a significant challenge, though I will later argue that the step is a shorter and easier one than we might at first recognize. The appearance of difficulty arises in part from the fact that our current situation is characterized by a series of significant disjunctions that are omnipresent in our literary and professional experience.

Thus, we have a great deal of Blakean theorizing, that is, individuals constructing their own systems so that they will not be enslaved by those of others, and many instances of the adoption of facets of theoretical approaches by followers grasping for handles on currently prominent, moving bandwagons. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, so long as we realize that the theories articulated are not generally expected to consistently apply to practice. They may help to interpret some past or specific practice, but few are ever expected to apply to all practice.

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