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DEquation 21. eEquation 22. fEquation 23. gThe C2 and C3 densities are from Reference 37, the others from Equation 24. 47556C (28) The polyolefin refractivities calculated by Equation 28 are shown in Table IX. 616. Equation 29 was divided by the molar volume Equation 18 to get Equation 30, where Q is RLL/V. Equation 31 was used to calculate (nu)2, which is also the dielectric constant (c). 475. 28232C (30) n2(1 - Q) = 1 + 2Q (31) Equation 32, developed with Reference 37 data, gives refractivities higher than the amorphous and lower than the crystalline refractivities (Table IX).

Mandelkern, J. , Polym• Phys. , 22, 1901 (1984). L. Mandelkern, Farad. Soc. , 68, 310 (1979). D. Y. Yoon and P. J. Flory, Polyme~ ~. 509 (1977); Farad. Soc. , 68, 288 (1979). P. J. FlorY: D. Y. Yoon, and K. A. L, 862 (1984). D. Y. Yoon and P. J. Flory, Macromolecules, 17, 868 (1984). M. Glotin and L. Mandelkern, Coll. Polym. Sc~, 260, 182 (1982). J. Maxfield and L. Mandelkern, Macromolecules, 10, 1141 (1971). J. Maxfield and L. Mandelkern, J. , POlym• Phys. , 17, 1913 (1979). L. Mandelkern, M. Glotin, and R.

Others10-13 have correlated polymer properties with repeat units. Somewhat similar correlations14-16 are based on additive group contributions. ) were to develop correlations between polyolefin properties and repeat unit dimensions, compare the calculated with the corresponding experimental values, and explore further this general method of estimating polymer properties. Data Sources and Equations Isotactic poly(1-alkene) data17-32 were used in most of the calculations. The work was hindered by the lack of data for some properties and lack of information in some instances about degrees of crystallinity and branching.

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