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By Karin Aijmer, Bengt Altenberg

Contrastive reviews have skilled a dramatic revival within the final a long time. by means of combining the methodological merits of desktop corpus linguistics and the opportunity of contrasting texts in or extra languages, the constitution and use of languages should be explored with better accuracy, element and empirical energy than ahead of. The method has additionally proved to have fruitful functional functions in a couple of parts similar to language instructing, lexicography, translation reviews and computer-aided translation. This quantity includes twelve experiences evaluating linguistic phenomena in English and 7 different languages. the subjects variety from comparisons of particular lexical different types and notice combos to syntactic structures and discourse phenomena equivalent to unity and thematic constitution. The stories spotlight similarities and alterations within the use, semantics and capabilities of the in comparison goods, in addition to the emergence of latest meanings and language switch. The emphasis varies from in basic terms linguistic reports to these concentrating on useful functions.

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One such verb is åka, which is used as a verb of Departure in (7), where there is no overt spatial complement but only an implicit place (Origo) which must be inferred from context. (7) Swedish Hon kunde inte höra ljudet av Olas bil men han måste ha åkt.  (KE) English She couldn’t hear the sound of Ola’s car, but he must have gone. Norwegian Hun kunne ikke høre lyden av Olas bil, men han måtte ha kjørt. Danish Hun kunne ikke høre lyden af Olas bil, men han måtte være kørt. Icelandic Hún heyrði ekki í bíl Ola en hann hlaut að vera farinn af stað.

Egan, T. In press. Between and through revisited. VARIENG: Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English. Hickmann, M. & Robert, S. 2006. Space, language, and cognition: Some new challenges. In Space in Languages: Linguistic Systems and Cognitive Categories [Typological Studies in Language 66], M. Hickmann & S. Robert (eds), 1–17. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 23 24 Thomas Egan Jaszczolt, K. M. 2003. On translating what is said: Tertium comparationis in contrastive semantics and pragmatics.

Table 3. Tokens of mellom translated by prepositions other than between and entre Type Total tokens English French English + French Location Motion Interaction Relationship Comparison Idiom Time Total 139 89 51 47 36 14 17 393 29 37 2 1 2 0 1 72 22 25 1 0 0 0 3 51 13 17 0 0 0 0 1 31 21% 42% 18% 16% 28% 13% 9% 19% 8% As shown by Table 3, it is mostly spatial senses of ‘betweenness’ in the two languages that may be encoded by alternative prepositions. Indeed, of a total of 165 non-spatial tokens of mellom, only six are expressed by an alternative preposition in English, and just four in French.

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