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By Dr. R. L. Desjardins, Dr. R. M. Gifford, Dr. T. Nilson, Dr. E. A. N. Greenwood (auth.)

Atmospheric carbon dioxide focus has elevated globally from approximately 280 ppm sooner than the economic Revolution (Pearman 1988) to approximately 353 ppm in 1990. That raise, and the ongoing bring up at a cost of approximately 1.5 ppm each year, owing quite often to fossil gasoline burning, is probably going to reason switch in weather, in basic productiveness of terrestrial crops (managed and unmanaged), and within the measure of web sequestration of atmospheric CO into natural shape. The quantitative position 2 of the latter in attenuating the rise in atmospheric CO focus itself is two a tremendous yet doubtful part of the worldwide carbon-cycle versions which are required to foretell destiny raises of atmospheric CO focus. 2 In my event in workshops and different multidisciplinary gatherings, argument arises in dialogue of this subject between assorted teams of scientists equivalent to bioclimatologists, plant physiologists, biogeochemists and ecologists. Plant focus physiologists are frequently inspired by means of the confident impression of upper CO 2 on plant development below experimental managed environments and argue that this might be at the very least in part expressed within the box for lots of species and communities.

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216(Rn/AP)2)]} Rn, (1) where P is annual precipitation and A is the latent heat of evaporation. This relationship is shown in Fig. 1, with the combinations of NPP, Rn and Rn/AP for major biomes mapped on to it (Uchijima and Seino 1987). The adequacy of such a simple model to describe biome productivity at that coarse level of resolution is indicative that the major variations in vegetation productivity around the world are attributable to variations in solar energy input and water. The absence of CO 2 in the model does not necessarily mean that productivity is not COrsensitive.

At high temperatures one expects the converse; high potential sink growth rates may not normally be satiated by photosynthate production, so high potential for CO 2 stimulation of photosynthesis at high temperature would not be counteracted by feedbacks. Thus, at high temperatures one would expect growth to be particularly COz-dependent. This has been found at the extreme temperatures used to rid young grapevine cuttings of virus diseases by prolonged growth at 37-40°e. High CO 2 concentrations more than doubled growth of such plants (Kriedemann et al.

So to understand the role that CO 2 increase plays we must first ask how CO 2 concentration interacts with light, water and temperature and other environmental factors in determining productivity. ,E ~3 I:: 0 ~ 2 :aClI ... Q) Z Taiga 0 2 3 . Radiative dryness index 4 Fig. 1. Net annual primary productivity isopleths for natural ecosystems as a function of annual net radiation (Rn) and the radiative dryness index of the site according to the Chikugo model. The radiative dryness index is RnjAP, where P is annual precipitation and Ais latent heat of evaporation.

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