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By P. Denoix, G. Mathé (auth.), Professor Gianni Bonadonna, Professor Georges Mathé, Professor Sydney E. Salmon (eds.)

P. Denoix and G. Mathe nearly 70% of melanoma sufferers relapse after surgical procedure prior to the fifth 12 months and, ordinarily, for instance in breast carcinoma, they relapse nonetheless later as much as the twentieth 12 months. For a few significant time, the tactic of melanoma therapy has been restricted to the sophistication of surgery-radiotherapy combos that maximally lowered the occurrence of neighborhood and nearby relapses in websites that have been inside of their succeed in. this present day, the perform of medical oncology is unthinkable with out the lively participation of the scientific oncologist. he's the "third guy" of the scientific oncology group, and he has lately concentrated cognizance at the proven fact that such a lot relapses come up from far away metastases a result of proliferation of cells seeded there after having left the first tumor web site on the time of operation and, accordingly, are inaccessible to any shape oflocal and/or local remedy. in this facts, scientific oncologists have proposed the appliance of clinical remedies for disseminated minimum residual affliction (MRD). they've got to be had ability: chemother­ apy and immunotherapy. clinical oncologists in most cases will be divided into 3 teams: chemotherapists, immunotherapists, and chemoimmunotherapists. The natural chemotherapists, who had already cured a few malignant neoplasias reminiscent of Hodgkin's sickness, acute lymphoid leukemia, placental choriocarcinoma, and Wilms' tumor, concept they could have the technique of attacking the residual ailment of universal cancers.

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A pulmonary metastasis was found 1 year later and the aFP rose to above 6 I1g/ml. A thoracotomy was performed at which a tumor in the middle lobe and two diaphramatic metastas~s were removed. Hepatic scintigraphy was normal. The surgery was followed up with radio- and chemotherapy_ The aFP level decreased quickly. It was inferior to 100 ng/ml in less than 1 month and inferior to 10 ng/ml in 2 months. All tests have since been normal (Fig. 6). Conclusion As demonstrated by these clinical studies, aFP is not only a valuable marker in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma and germ cell tumors containing vitelline components but also a useful tool for clinical follow-up of patients with these tumors and for very early detection of residual disease.

Med. Clin. North Am. 54, 797-802 (1970) 11. Tatarinov, Y. : Presence of embryo specific a globulin in the serum of patients with primary hepatocellular carciBoma. Vol. Med. Khim. 10, 90-95 (1964) Casein and Breast Cancer! J. C. Hendrick, P. F. Zangerle, and P. Franchimont The proteins of skim milk may be divided into two categories: 1. The milk-specific proteins, which predominate; 2. The proteins of plasma origin. Caseins are the main components in the protein group of plasma origin. 4 g per 100 ml of mature milk.

It should be quickly verified and clinical and surgical examinations must be performed to fmd its cause. Acknowledgement The clinical observation of case 3 is extracted from Dr. DIDIER JACQUMIN'S thesis. References 1. Abelev, G. , Perova, S. , Khramkova, N. , Postnikova, Z. , Irlin, I. : Production of embryonal a globulin by transplantable mouse hepatomas. Transplantation 1, 174-176 (1963) 2. Bergstrand, G. : Demonstration of new protein fraction in serum from human fetus. Scand. J. Clin. Lab. Invest.

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