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By Wenying Jiang

During this e-book, linguistic achievements of be aware order reviews in chinese language were utilized to chinese language moment language acquisition learn. by means of examining numerous note order mistakes made through newbies of chinese language as a international language (CFL), this booklet has constructed a mode for describing and explaining chinese language notice order mistakes. With this system, the booklet has the capability to empower CFL academics world wide to educate chinese language in an educated demeanour, and especially to educate chinese language observe order extra successfully and successfully.

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Although the focus of this book is not on ‘acquisition’, the structures are not considered as being acquired when 20 Introduction word order errors frequently occur or increase from lower to higher proficiency levels. 4. Competence versus performance A distinction is often made between linguistic competence and performance when studying language acquisition. According to Chomsky (1965), competence consists of the mental representations of linguistic rules that constitute the speaker-hearer’s internal grammar.

The distinction between competence and performance is between what people know versus what they do. e. to describe and explain their competence. However, learners’ mental knowledge is not open to direct inspection; it can only be inferred by examining samples of their performance. SLA researchers have used di¤erent kinds of performance to try to investigate competence (p. 13). The goal of this book is to examine learners’ performance in using Chinese word order through the analysis of their written production data.

7. Interlanguage The term ‘‘interlanguage’’ was coined by Selinker in 1969 to refer to the interim grammars constructed by L2 learners on their way to the target language. However, the concept of interlanguage was first referred to by Pit Corder in 1967 in an article entitled ‘‘The Significance of Learners’ 22 Introduction Errors’’, where he called it a learner’s ‘‘built-in syllabus’’ or ‘‘transitional competence’’ (Corder, 1981, pp. 9–10). It was also independently termed ‘‘approximative system’’ by William Nemser in 1971 (cited in Nemser, 1974, p.

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