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By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Ten dynamic steps with easy recommendations to aid boost a detailed operating courting with Spirit—and to event the enjoyment, peace and empowerment that's our non secular birthright. find out about the Causal physique and the way we shop riches in heaven via many lifetimes and will entry that account the following and now

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It’s not separated from you by distance. It simply exists as pure Spirit. This sun is light. It is God. It is your Father and your Mother. It is called the Central Sun. Once you enjoyed being a part of this sun. You reveled in the feeling of oneness with all creation. But you also wanted to experiment with your potential, your own ability to create, to ensoul matter with Spirit. You entered other dimensions, sometimes creating perfectly and other times imperfectly. You may have designed cities, created sculptures or gardens, or simply existed in a state of bliss with God’s creatures.

Think of it! All the energy you’ve used positively, all the energy you’ve put into loving, caring, growing and learning is at your disposal. This Causal Body is a dwelling place that you have created for your I AM Presence. You can ask your Presence to release your accumulated talents to you so that you can use them to do even more good. As you experience oneness with your Presence, you’ll begin to receive guidance and direction as well as increased ability to use these talents. You’ll know even greater blessings as you progress toward permanent oneness with the Presence.

It’s the only thing that keeps me alive, that keeps me healthy and that keeps me doing that job. Or I would have quit a long time ago,” she says. In fact, her I AM Presence once inspired her to start a quiet revolution that saved her job and those of the three hundred other health-care workers in the county jail system. Joey believes that her Presence also provides the spiritual protection she needs to do her job. Her work environment is adversarial, to say the least. Nurses have been kidnapped.

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