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I loved this e-book although it mustn't ever were my writing sort b/c I appeared to placed it down much more than the 2 different newbie books i bought. this doesn't suggest I remove any credits from it as i feel it could actually simply be a kind of books i have to come again to because the time used to be simply no longer correct but, a minimum of for a few of the routines.

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Some of these places had their power delineated by the construction of banks of earth, or waterways, or upright rings of stone, or even a single standing stone. Some were recognised as holy because of a special tree that grew there, or a strange rock not common to the landscape, or because a poet had a dream there, or someone was healed or received a vision of the future. These things can still happen if we are willing to give them credence, and seek out the places where they might occur. Specially powerful are the Markers of Memory, quiet spots often under the spreading arms of hawthorn or beech, the trees of the Goddess of Spring, and of the Book.

Always take care, clear up, put things away, and really make an effort to feel the difference in the space you have temporarily made sacred. In earlier times it was not necessary to sanctify an area for magic for among the natural places the world over there are extra special spots. High hills or mountain tops where the Sky Gods rest on their journeys; by springs and wells where the Goddess of the Inner meets the Goddess of the Outer Earth; in caves, wombs of the Earth Mother, and in sunlit glades in the Wildwood, where jack-in-the-Green greets his children, human and animal alike.

How does your beloved benefit from your relationship? By midsummer you should have a greater understanding of what you are going to achieve, and the 'crops' that you have sown, at home or at work, in dreams or in creativity will be flourishing in whichever field of life they are planted. As Lammas arrives, old Saxon Loaf-mass when the new flour was ground, you might be able to take a breather. Look at your opposite God/Goddess within. How has that Great Being strengthened you, brought you light or courage, love or understanding?

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