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A reference consultant to the codes, protocols, networks, indications and kit that give the opportunity to speak utilizing TCP/IP.

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6 ARP Request and Reply Messages ARP is used to resolve the IP address of a node and its medium access control (MAC) address in a local area network (such as Ethernet, Token Ring, or FDDI). The resolved MAC address becomes the destination MAC address to which an IP datagram is delivered. Two messages are used: • ARP request message: The forwarding node requests the MAC address corresponding to a specific forwarding IP address. The ARP request is a MAC-level broadcast frame that goes to all nodes on the physical subnetwork to which the interface requesting the address is attached.

All 1s is the address used by broadcast messages on the local network. 8 Host ID Classful addressing. TLFeBOOK 18 A TCP/IP World? local network before they are assigned a unique ID. z addresses are reserved for testing purposes. 3 Classful Addressing In IPv4, the original approach to unicast addressing defined three classes for public use. Called classful addresses, they are: • Class A address: An 8-bit network ID beginning with 0 and a 24-bit host ID. • Class B address: A 16-bit network ID beginning with 10 and a 16-bit host ID.

This information is included in the transport header. 5 Network Layer The network layer provides communications services to the transport layer. If necessary, it fragments the TPDU into packets to match the maximum frame limits of the network(s), and reassembles the packets to create the transport PDU. When sending, the network layer: • Encapsulates the TPDU with a header (network header, NH) to form the network PDU (NPDU). The network header provides a destination address. • May break the TPDU into packets to match the capabilities of the network(s).

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