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Cf. r from the coast in nearly every Hellenic island; cf. also P. sos) (Athens, 1915). o! I is with that of the huntsman. (Politics, I, III, 4 and 5). 8 Les Mros d'Homere: contribution a 1'6tude des origines grecques. ult belongs and to which we owe the work of d'Azumbeze. ncienne) to which I shall later refer. 7 The first care of e. I reasons, at least with e. view to increasing its revenues. >. tion (cf. Ormerod, p. 80). she. acted in a similar way; cf. che. 6conomiste et financier (Paris, 1913); reprinted from the Revue des Etudes Grecques, pp.

A. , Paris, 1862), p. 52. See, more in general, 88 touching political novels, Fr. Kleinwachter, Die Staatsromane (Wien, 1891). • He adduces as proof, apart from the case of Xenophon, the fact that Critias, one of the Thirty, wrote a treatise about the Lacedaemonian state, which he put forward as a model of an aristocratic government and refers also to the fact that the Laws and the Republic of Plato are full of provisions inspired from Sparta. To speak more generally, all the oligarchs "lacon­ ized" (as above, p.

It is also pointed out that Xenophon's close friendship with Agesilaus, whose biography he wrote, moved him to extol beyond measure the significance of the kingahip in the Spartan government (cf. Solari, p. 14, note). It has been observed, on the other hand, that in the first of his didactic stories, the Cyro­ predia, many customs attributed to the Persians correspond rather to the spirit of a Lacedae­ monian state than to an oriental monarchy. Cf. A. , Paris, 1862), p. 52. See, more in general, 88 touching political novels, Fr.

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