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Where is one to look? The eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, the body —this is where to look. Setting mindfulness there, realize that whatever form the eye sees together with the physical eye is called råpa. Similarly, whatever sound is heard and the ears themselves, whatever odour is smelled and the nose itself, whatever touch the body contacts and the body itself and whatever flavour is tasted and the tongue itself, are all called råpa. We are now taking the affairs of sights and sounds (for example) as an object for the mind to think about.

It is here in this nàmaråpa that this ‘I, me-and-mine’ appears and is grasped hold of. E. (1961) 40 ble. Sorrow, heartache, bodily pain, mental-distress and depression must all inevitably exist according to the state of things. To wish them away, forbidding their appearance, goes against the ways of nature. ’ Now, come and consider this body and the mental group: this nàma-råpa which I have already explained. It originated in birth; is developing and changing into old age; is painful and troublesome through sickness; and, finally, it must break up with death.

Birth is suffering, old age is suffering”: One might not know that birth is suffering and if one isn’t yet old then old age will still be unknown. But as it steadily approaches and the body becomes more and more decrepit, then one may understand. “Death is suffering”: however, as you haven’t yet died you can’t know it. Even so, you are still afraid and do not wish to die. ,’ are concerned, you will all have encountered them to some extent and can therefore variously appreciate their anguish. Bodily and mental dis-ease can also be recognized as suffering.

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