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By Van de Velde, Mark L.O.

A Grammar of Eton is the 1st description of the Cameroonian Bantu language Eton. it's also one of many few entire descriptions of a North-western Bantu language. The complicated tonology of Eton is thoroughly analysed and awarded in an easy and constant descriptive framework, which allows the reader to maintain tune of Eton's many tonal morphemes. Phonologists can be specially drawn to the research of stem preliminary prominence, which manifests itself in a couple of logically self sustaining phenomena, together with size of the onset consonant, phonotactic skewing and variety of tonal attachment websites. Typologists and Africanists engaged on morphosyntax will locate beneficial analyses of, between others, gender and contract; demanding, element, temper and negation; and verbal derivation. they'll stumble upon many morphosyntactic alterations among Eton and the higher identified jap and Southern Bantu languages, frequently because of evolutions formed by way of maximality constraints on stems. The chapters on clause constitution and intricate structures supply information rarely present in resources at the languages of the area, together with descriptions of non-verbal clauses, concentration, quasi-auxiliaries and adverbial clauses.

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A/ /lŲ‫ڮ‬d/ ‘be difficult’ (v) /làd/ ‘sew’ (v) /ũ/ vs. /u/ /vũ‫ڟ‬/ ‘to give’ /vú/ ‘to resemble’ /ũ/ vs. /o/ /vũ‫ڟ‬/ ‘give’ (v) /vó/ ‘declare’ (v) /Ų/ vs. ’ /bŲ‫ڮ‬ٝdí/ ‘bread’ /a/ vs. )’ (v) /màٝnà/ ‘swear’ (v) /u/ vs. /uٝ/ /bùlà/ ‘accumulate’ (v) /bùٝlà/ ‘stir vigorously’ (v) /o/ vs. /oٝ/ /bóٝnì/ ‘purge oneself’ /bònì/ ‘create’ (v) The prosodic stem 17 3. 1. Introduction The position of a syllable in the prosodic stem is the most important context specification in the (mopho-)phonology and tonology of Eton, in that the first syllable of the prosodic stem is prominent as compared to the others.

There is a small number of lexical exceptions in the main idiolect on which this description is based, as well as some cases of free variation. ࣰ /͟‫ڮ‬Ěôj/ ‘commander’ (32) a. |Ͱ‫ڮ‬-Ěóì| b. 3. 17 Elsewhere, the morphophoneme |l| can be represented by either /l/ or /i/ or it can be left unrepresented. Zero-representation and representation by /i/ are clearly lenition rules. 2 due to their problematic conditioning. The choice seems to be sometimes free or dialectally conditioned and sometimes lexically conditioned.

After a structural |w| or a structural vowel. In contrast, when the phoneme /ũ/ occurs in a stem, it is always before a word boundary, except in a few borrowings such as /zũ‫ڮ‬kúlî/ ‘school’ and /bũ‫ڮ‬zímí/ ‘police’, the initial syllable of which can be analysed as a prosodic prefix. This distribution can be accounted for by means of the representation rules in (37) and (38). Note that the related word forms in the examples provide extra evidence for these representation rules. ’ (imperative singular) 37 It must be pointed out that the distribution of /Ų/ and /ũ/ is complementary in prefixes as well, be it in a totally different, phonotactic way.

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