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Rehder H. (1962):Natiirliche aufzuforstenden Kastanienflachen imTessin 113(3/4): 128-142. FelbermeierB. (1994):Die klimatische Belastbarkeit der Buche. Forstwiss. Cbl. 113:152-174. Freuler B. (1904):Forstliche Vegetationsbilder aus dem stidlichen Tessin. Verh. Schweiz. Naturforsch. Ges. 86: 269-292. Glutz v. )(1988): Handbuch der Vogel Mitteleuropas 11 (2): 920924. Aula-Verlag, Wiesbaden. , Carraro G. & KlOtzli F. (1988): Thermophile, an laurophyllen Pflanzenarten reiche Waldgesellschaften im hyperinsubrischen Seenbereich des Tessins.

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Thus different degrees of pressure of exotic species in different layers of deciduous forests occur simultaneously on a given thennophilous slope: Slope quality is governing the degree of laurophyllisation. e. the Brissago Islands, where also Pittosporum tobira and Acacia dealbata is spreading spontaneously. The neighbouring slopes have the highest density of laurineous trees in the upper tree layers and a compulsory regeneration of young palms (Trachycarpus fortunei, more rare Phoenix canariensis; compare also Walther 1995).

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