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By P. D. Ouspensky

Our variation is a brand new layout; huge paperback one hundred sixty x 230 mm, revealed on off-white caliber paper. textual content is similar atmosphere and web page numbering as unique variation. within the comparable structure we released additionally A checklist OF conferences.

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Just the same, always the same. There may be more stability now, we don't know; but it is not the cause, it is the result if it is instability. Why do you think instability is peculiar to our time, and why more stability in the time of C aesar? Q. Inventions? Scientific discoveries? MR. O. Yes. But do you understand what has changed? Take two hundred years ago and now. What amount of force was used then and what amount of force is used now? These forces enter more and more into life, and inventions are absolutely without any plan, and so we don't know what may be invented to-morrow.

MR. O. Efforts may be different, but in the beginning we can be guided only by that, only by understanding. So for a long time all the work must be concentrated on understanding. When you understand things better, many other things become possible. THE SLY MAN AND THE DEVIL. MARCH 2ND 1939 Q. Could you tell me the exact difference between two men on their death beds, one of whom has learned the art of self-remembering and one of whom has never heard of it? MR. O. No, it needs an imaginative writer to describe this.

You can get many things, but only emotionally, not in any other way. The more emotional you are, the more you can get. When you find yourself in the state of coming to higher emotional centre, then you will be astonished to find how much you can understand at once—and then you come back to the normal state and you forget it all. It is a very strange thing that if by persistent self-remembering and by certain other methods you come to higher emotional centre for a short time, you will be surprised how much you understand at one time—but you will not be able to retain it.

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