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With an cutting edge, visible procedure the Eyewitness commute 15-Minute language courses are the appropriate instruments for those that have to study a language quickly.

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Ikh ar-bie-te zonntahks I work on Sundays. M A K I N G A R R A N G E M E NT S 29 4 Words to remember: months Familiarize yourself with these words and test yourself using the flap. January Januar yunn-oo-ahr February Februar fay-broo-ahr March März mairts April Ostern ist im April. April ah-prill oess-tairn isst im ah-prill May Easter is in April. Mai mie June Juni yoo-nee July Juli yoo-lee August August ow-goosst September September zep-tem-bair October Oktober ok-toe-bair November November noe-vem-bair December Dezember day-tsem-bair month Weihnachten ist im Dezember.

Dair kam-ping-pluts isst roo-hik duss kamping-plutzbew-roe Is this drinking water? campsite office isst duss vuss-ser trinkbahr Sind Lagerfeuer erlaubt? Are campfires allowed? zint lah-ger-foy-er er-lowpt Radios sind verboten. rah-dee-os zint fer-boe-ten Radios are not allowed. das Überzelt duss ew-ber-tselt fly sheet 3 In conversation Ich brauche einen Platz für zwei Tage. Es gibt einen beim Schwimmbad. Wieviel kostet es für einen Wohnwagen? ikh brow-khe ie-nen pluts fewr tsvie tah-ge es geept ie-nen bime shvim-bad vee-feel kos-tet es fewr ie-nen vohn-vah-gen I need a site for two days.

20–1) Im Hotel In the hotel Although rooms in larger hotels almost always have private bathrooms, there are still some Pensionen and guest houses where you will have to share facilities with other guests. Prices are generally charged for the room, and not per person, so a family staying in one room can be a cheap option. 2 Match and repeat Match the numbered items in this hotel bedroom with the German text in the panel and test yourself using the cover flap. 1 der Nachttisch 1 nightstand 4 curtains dair nukht-tish 2 lamp 2 die Lampe dee lum-pe 3 stereo system 3 die Musikanlage dee moo-zik-anlah-ge sofa 5 4 die Vorhänge dee foer-hen-ge 5 die Couch dee kowtch 6 das Kopfkissen duss kopf-kis-sen 7 das Kissen duss kis-sen 8 das Bett duss bet 9 die Tagesdecke dee tah-ges-dek-ke 8 bed 10 die Decke dee dek-ke blanket 10 7 cushion 6 pillow 9 bedspread Cultural tip Hotel prices vary widely.

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