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Analysis of Noble Metals: Overview and Selected Methods by F. E. Beamish

By F. E. Beamish

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0% for transmittance readings b e t w e e n 10 and 9 0 % . Calculating equipment. A calculating board with e m u l s i o n calibration scales is re­ quired for converting microphotometer readings to absorbance and concentration v a l u e s . 40 2 The Preparation of SPECTROCHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF THE PLATINUM METALS Standards Standards should be prepared from the purest materials that can be obtained. Use granular C P . lead, free of silver, g o l d , and bismuth; spectrographically standardized palladium, platinum, and rhodium sponge; pure precipitated gold; filings from spectro­ graphically standardized silver rods, in the standards described here.

Dilute this solution s o that it contains 100 fig of ruthenium per milliliter in 4 0 % hy­ drochloric acid. Take aliquot portions of 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , and 5 m l , add 0 . 4 ml of uranium solution and 0 . 8 ml of aqua regia, and dilute to 10 ml in a volumetric flask with 4 0 % hydrochloric acid. This procedure g i v e s standard ruthenium solutions of 10, 2 0 , 3 0 , 4 0 , and 5 0 fig of ruthenium per milliliter. Measure the absorption of standards and samples relative to a blank solution containing uranium, aqua regia, a n d 4 0 % (v/v) hydrochloric acid in a 10-ml v o l u m e .

Triangular Small T h e 3 0 - m l crucibles are equipped with R o s e covers and inlet tubes. T h e burner should have w i n g tip. files. bench The files should be 8 in. long. vise. Steel block. T h e block should be of a size suitable for clamping in the v i s e and having a /3i 6 - i n . hole drilled A3 in. d e e p in one side. Small ball peen Sharp-pointed hammer. center punch. foil. Aluminum Forceps. Excitation source. This source should provide a high voltage spark with the source parameters described.

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