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A Case for Conservatism by John Kekes

By John Kekes

In his contemporary publication opposed to Liberalism, thinker John Kekes argued that liberalism as a political approach is doomed to failure by means of its inner inconsistencies. during this better half quantity, he makes a robust case for conservatism because the top replacement. His is the 1st systematic description and safety of the fundamental assumptions underlying conservative inspiration.

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Mill on Liberty: A Defence (Volume 0)

Within the first version of this e-book grey bargains an indirect-utilitarian interpretation of Mill's ethical concept, and argues that this gives an appropriate beginning for the freedom precept and Mill's liberalism extra regularly. He contends that the ensuing place is a really beautiful one. it's a compelling piece of exgesis.

Thieves in High Places: They've Stolen Our Country and It's Time to Take It Back

In Thieves in excessive locations, Jim Hightower takes at the Kleptocrats, Wobblycrats, and Bushites with hilarious effects. Digging up behind-the-scenes dust on tales the company information media overlooks (and don’t get him all started on them! ), Hightower finds the genuine tales at the back of BushCo’s ''Friday evening Massacres,'' what’s occurred to our foodstuff, and the Bush plan for empire.


The planet Quinta is pocked by way of gruesome mounds and coated via a spiderweb-like community. it's a country of phantoms and of a attractiveness troubled by means of insanity. In stark distinction, the team of the spaceship Hermes represents a knowledge-seeking Earth. As they technique Quinta, a gloomy poetry takes over and leads them right into a nightmare of bewilderment.

The New Deal & Modern American Conservatism: A Defining Rivalry (Hoover Institution Press Publications)

Offering an often-overlooked ancient viewpoint, Gordon Lloyd and David Davenport express how the recent Deal of the Thirties tested the framework for today’s U. S. household coverage and the continuing debate among progressives and conservatives. They learn the pivotal problems with the dispute, laying out the progressive-conservative arguments among Hoover and Roosevelt within the Thirties and illustrating how these matters stay present in public coverage at the present time.

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Spanish American leaders discussed different government plans, economic models, social structures, and even the role of the Catholic church in the new republics. The debate over the future of the Spanish American republics frequently became divisive, especially when advocates of retaining much of the colonial-era social structure clashed with moderate and radical liberals who saw the future in patterns of development similar to Great Britain and the United States. By the last decades of the nineteenth century, elites in many Spanish American countries adopted reform and development programs influenced by liberal economic and social thought.

Orozco declared that he had no debts, but rather was a creditor. He willed one-half of his estate to his wife and he noted that he had given some cash, to be deducted from their inheritance in order to be fair to all, to a son and a daughter; otherwise, Orozco made no specific distribution of his property in this will. 54 Many questions are left unanswered by the property transactions detailed here, which are based upon limited archival sources. The questions relate to the activities of individuals like Juan Orozco and to dealings involving lands belonging to communities.

They provide additional case studies Page 5 of the impact of liberal policies and offer new interpretations based on local variations or similarities in the implementation of liberal laws. Studies such as Bazant's analysis of liberal attacks on church wealth in Mexico generally focus on policy formulated by the national government. Studies in this collection show that national policies were frequently modified at the regional or local level. The first group of chapters focus on Mexico and Guatemala.

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